Publication: February 06, 2018

Species: Fox, Human


Landon Fox dedicated his life to football, a dream that was once bigger than anything else—including his daughter. With his football career nearing its end, and the Real Werewives breathing down his back, he realizes that chasing his career has led him to a dead end. And when chaos erupts during a Werewife event, and a figure from Landon’s past emerges from the shadows, he can no longer run from his past.

Jenna came to Alaska on a mission—to reconnect her wild child daughter with her father, Landon Fox. Love is the last thing on the mind of this Real Werewife. But when Landon unknowingly bids on her for a sexy date, the dinner she cooks for him isn’t the only thing heating up the cold Alaska night.

Like Landon, Jenna chased her dreams, but never realized the thing they always needed most was each other.  She’s ready to take another chance on the man she left behind—that is, if he’s ready to be a part of something bigger than football—his family.