Publication: Oct 30, 2018

Species: wolf Shifter, Wolf Shifter


One kiss started a war.

Breed or Die.

Thanks to my biological clock racing toward twenty-seven, the year life ends for us she-wolves if we don’t reproduce, I risked war to have a child. But my precious baby isn’t safe with me. There’s only one Alpha wolf who can protect her—her ruthless and scarred father, Maxon Salvador.

Kill or Claim.

As Executioner for the Timber Cove Wolves MC, my pack master ordered me to kill Naomi Sloan, but instead I set her free. He doesn’t know she’s the mother of the squalling baby left abandoned on my doorstep—my child. I have to find Naomi, but when I do, if I’m not strong enough to return the child and walk away, it could spell the death of us all.

If you like searing passion, pumping action, and unbreakable pack bonds, like those created in Kelley Armstrong’s Bitten (The Other World Series) or Carrie Ann Ryan’s Tattered Loyalties (Talon Pack Series), then you’ll devour Cyndi Faria’s Timber Cove Wolves MC series.

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