Publication: AUGUST 13, 2019

Species: Wolf Shifter, FALLEN ANGEL


The prodigal son…

Gabriel Raferty has been in the shadows of his family long enough. As a psychic medium and shifter, his career as a deputy sheriff and now an agent of PRA—Psychic Retrieval Agency, has led to the closing of several cold cases and the recovery of psychic children. He is also the lead authority on a synthetic pheromone-based recreational drug: Eviel.

The forgotten…

Raphael Angelo or Rafe for short, is the lead member of the Fallen Angel division of the FBI. After taking some downtime to blow off some steam, he wakes three days later with no memory of what happened. His only—a small patch on the back of his leg with the letters, E V I E L.

Two worlds collide…

Before Rafe can bring what little evidence he has of his bender to the labs, he is sent out on a new mission. The dead bodies of two adults and three children have been found in a shallow grave near a burned out warehouse operated by an outlawed faction of the government—PBH, while another is missing. Rafe and Gabriel must work together to find the killer and stop the kidnappings from happening again.

But, what happens when the full moon is upon them and the drug coursing through Rafe’s body changes their mission?

This is the first book in the Fallen Angels series