Publication: May 29, 2018

Species: Wolf, Human


Cody Murphy has a good life, one he’s fought hard for. One he’s content with. He’s worked tirelessly for this new life after leaving his old Pack in his youth, and now owns a successful business. Silvers, is the best damn Shifters bar for miles and with plans for expansion, Cody’s never been busier. On one typical, busy night that his world turns to hell-in-a-handbasket...all it takes is a single look across his packed-out bar by a pretty girl.

Not so bad you might say…only the girl stares at him as if he’s the Devil incarnate. Her eyes are full of hatred and loathing, so vile it turns his heart stone-cold with the sheer power behind it.

He’s hurled into a journey he never thought possible, taking him back to the past and a life he’d long thought lost. Danger looms, but also a chance at something Cody once thought impossible. Still, it will take a miracle for him to pull it off…and survive.