Publication: Nov 13, 2018

Species: Wolf, Human


Just one scream and Clover’s life is changed forever. Who would have thought saving a werewolf pup would lead her to him. Ash, werewolf tracker, sexy beast and here she is, only human because she can’t find the courage to say yes when her best friend offers to change her. Fear of death has kept her at bay…she’s heard of humans dying when they reject the change. But now she’s stuck in the same house with Patrick and Ash for her protection. His brown eyes call to her, but to be bound to Ash forever gives Clover pause…even if she finds him to be the sexiest man ever. 

She’ll be forced to adjust to her changing life.

After spending months searching for a solid lead on the Devil Hunters, Ash is thrown a bad shift when his cousins are killed, leaving their three-year-old boy behind. As Patrick’s guardian, he must keep him safe, but he comes with his own curvy rescuer… Clover is a headstrong female ready to protect the pup. His wolf calls her his mate and he’s willing to find out if they are meant to be, but the hunters are still out there. If he wants to keep both of them from harm, he has to find a way to end the Devil Hunters. However, it’s harder than shifting without a break. Clover’s bravery sends heat to his heart along with a need to keep her safe. The hunters keep attacking and things go from bad to worse. Everything Ash knows will be put to the test when it comes to their safety.

Nothing will stop him from protecting his new family.